Thursday, December 30, 2010

im Sick .

sick liaoooooo :S
need to eat lots of lots of pills ..
aikz ><
went to Sg Long to see the doctor .
spent rm35 and came home with lots pills and medicine ..
ewwwwwww :S


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Enjoying Life ♥

gonna write this post in Chinese today , teehee ((;

呵呵呵 x)
大家千萬別嚇到哦 ;DD
ngek ngek >:P

男人他guk到屎都快出來了 xDD

我們是夜光的 厲害吧? ;PP

只是一張稍微正常的照照 呵呵 x))

我男人就是愛裝 卡卡 ;DD
很很可愛吧? :P


saw a online mall from Chuckei's bloggie yesterday
they dont just sell clothes and accessories
the sell ;

they ave just everything ;P
go check it out there
they ave these cute lil' tank tops for rm5 only !

quick ! go to that website and grab something !

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Miss Me ? ((;

i ave not update my bloggie for ages dy ;P
anyone here misses me ? 
say you misses me even if you dont ! >:(
teehee :P

hmmm ~ 
what to say ..
mixing all the crappo together in a post .
is dat okie with you guys ?
even if it doesnt , i'll still do it anyway xDD
pwned !

well , lets start from .. :/
i on9 pretty much lesser the few weeks bfor .
bcos i was working :D
working for the Seamaster`s 50,000 litres Paint Must Go ! xD
with the Seahorse which is the brand's mascot ; BenBen 
im sure you guys must ave heard of it rite ?
there's advertisement on the newspaper and MyFM .
so , if you havent heard of it .. :/
here are some photos taken (:
[these are just part of it]

our first event , which is at Wangsa Walk Mall (:

our Datin Orenze Tan and Our most Likable and Adorable  DJ Aaron Isaac Pereira :D

my ShineeeeBabyyy 

we ave Colouring Contests too , weeeee ! ~

my ShineeBaby and DatinKivvi 

my darl YiTing ((:


we all ave Fun working ! weeee ;DD

sry ;P


Celebrated Pozi and HongZai's bday at Sunway Pyramid .
went for karaoke den just walking around (:
it was nais spending time together with them , F-U-N !!
[these are just part of it]

camwhore in the toilet xD

still camwhoring :P

still doing the same thing xD

mr. 振添 (:

missy Juslyn (:

US in the toilet ;DD

one of the Party Boy (:

Da' Girls ((:

RoyRoy and WaiKheen

智康 and 肥南

the bday DUMBO DUOs xD

went to the photo booth to camwhore again xD

same old place to take photo xD

ShineeeeBaby with the LanC look xD

after dat dint really hangout muchh .
was lazy xD
mostly hanging out with my ShineeeeBaby and The Aaron Isaac Pereira :P
just love calling his full name (;

we were at 1utama for the whole day last sunday .
haha ~ accompany Aaron to do his DJ work at 1utama .
Shine and I jalan here and dere :P

and im now currently at The Boyfie's place :D
tmr is his off day !

my Beloved kewtie ASS :P
teehee ~

we're gonna go paktor at Sunway Pyramid xD
weeeeee ! iLy 

boyfie is now sleeping on my lap while im typing this post xP
kewt thing !

will stop here .
toodles darls :D
♥ xOxo 

one last photo to scare the Shit outta you guys xD

due to insomnia (: