Thursday, January 20, 2011

back to update my almost-DEAD blog :D


weee :DD
if you followed my facebook you should know that ...
my mama bought me the Sony DSC-T99 !! 
i got the Pink one :OO

bought it at Fotokem for rm 899 .
+ 8GB memory card + a pink casing + Fotokem member card .
heheheee x)
still okay marh

OOPS ! got something to do :DD
will update soon , wait for me 


Monday, January 3, 2011

iPhone 4

[sry for being 3 days late :/]

start this post with United States of Pop 2010 - DJ Earworm :D

i prefer 2009's :x


♥ iPhone 4 

i actually planning on getting a iPhone 4 tru DiGi plan ..
any opinions ? :D
FYI , im not a big spender who just wanna get a new phone in impulse !
im getting a new phone cause ,
my just-bought-for-only-3-months SE Vivaz was crashedddddddd ! D:

both inner and outer screen was crackeddddddddd !

what happened ? :O
i dropped my phone on the road with the screen facing the ground ..
and i dint notice it ..
after a while i started looking for my phone .
when bak and look for it .
weeee ! it was there , not stole and still pretty ! [on the back ]
pick it up turn , see .
aww man ! some stupid car ran over it and cracked the screens D:
but i still can pick up calls , haha ~
sound and stuff is still okay :x
just that i cant see who is calling .. 
to fix it with original SE screens will cost me rm460 ://
f*king bek cekk ..
so ..
mama : why not get a new phone ?
me     : yarr ~ iphone ?
mama : okay (: im not gonna pay for it , you can get it cheaper tru DiGi/Maxis Plans .
me     : wtf ? DD: serious ?
mama : lets see how ..

conclusion , FML (:

well , imma ask her to accompany me to MInes tmr ..
check out the plans :DD
hopefully she's gonna pay for it .. ALL of it :P
mama loves me xDD 

this is really super cool ! :DD
before ending , i wanna share this really lame + funny video from NigaHiga xD
anybody heard of him ?
Ryan NigaHiga , youtube lamer LOL

buh-bye ! :D