Thursday, April 21, 2011

R - andom (:

just to show off my pretty notes XD


my science notes ;)

my history notes!

colourful + pretty ehh? x)
i drew the diagram myself on me science note!
show off show off, CHEHH XD

ave full body massage and scrub at mama's saloon just now ..
im the white mouse for the new trainee to try :/
it was not too bad though :D

HAHA can you see it?

after reading my oh-so-lame post..
pls comment me if i ave something on the blog that i should improve or change pls?


a lil' something for you.
hi-bye friends are everywhere,
but friends that really cares for you with his/her heart
are really rear.
ur lucky that there's someone willing to care for you sincerely.
pls appreciate it.
and if you dont, its okay.
but dont go round talking bad at ppl's back.
you knew ur post was publicised..
you knew every could ave the chance to read that.
but you never know how bad it'll hurt him/her.
dont get pissed off now if others ignored you.
you should ave expected it when you first thought of publishing that awful post.

treat ppl the way how you wanted to be treated (:
you know who you are.

*pls note that im not trying to pissed anyone off here.
im just sharing how i feel bout YOU.

♥ G O O D N I T E . R E A D E R S 

Monday, April 18, 2011

kitty cats, doggies and birdss??

yesterday evening when everyone was at the living room, some playing mahjong, some watching tv and some going on fb..
granny's kitty MEOWWWWWW really loud, she's trying to eat the bird from idk where :S
the bird suddenly flew into the living room TWEET TWEET TWEET then the kitty chased it and ran into the living room MEOW MEOW MEOW then my doggie saw the kitty and BARK BARK BARK, sighhhhh D:
the whole hse was so noisy filled with tweet tweet and meow meow and bark bark :/

it was kinda hurt i guess?
thats why my uncle keep her at home first for a few days..
yeshh, that cage was my hamsters cage but they passed away :/
and yesh, thats a chopstick for it to stand XD

my uncle say its a pretty one?
we'll set it free when it recovers (: