Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Monthly Shits .

my Sweet 16 is not SWEET at all .
my family is like crap .
my Everything in Life is all messed up .
my purse in empty .
my Life is heading to Nowhere .
my thoughts are badd , its always complaining no appreciating .
my temper is worst than ever lately .

what else could go wrong?
oh yeahhh ~ 
im having my monthly-very-painful shits D:
my stomach-aches soooo bad that i could bite someone in the ass !

i had sooo much to tell , but my stomach-ache is so annoying DDD:
i'll write again soon when my tummy feels better =)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Life with HER ♥

Life with HER , Shi-Ne Chai !! 
spent two nites at my darl's place .
weeeeee ~ 
we're like fighting , chatting , gossip-ing xDD
whatever you could think off ;P
of cors mahh`
dis is what you called bestie ^^V

the timess :D

sure got camwhore mahh xD

steamboat for dinner ! nom =9

me likey BACONey xD

awkward + weird :S

its puer tea in a tiger cup xD

giler giler timesss (:



blurrrr ._.

dat shine babi asked me to eat raw chips DD:

she called dis a lil rice @@

me frying chips LOL

ignore mua bia ass :S

our supper xDDD
[i eat alot :P]

yadayadayada ~
ntg much too say :S

feeling hungry again D:
gonna eat soupey with ricey !
weeeeee ~

whoots ! ~
but not yet pack ma' clothes :S

imma go eat :P

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


went to Sunway with the CrazyAss SHiNE for a movie after dinner last nite (;
we reached at Sunway bout 8.30 i guess .
then we went to get our movie tickets .
we're gonna watch ; YOU AGAiN ! yay :D

funny xD

the movie starts at 10.15 so we walked here and there looking for vacancies D:
and of course , we'd spent time taking lotsa photos xD
soooooo us (;
camwhore mahh , dont blame 

yeahh man !

i like this !

JuiceWork .

in the cinemas ;P

our movie end at 12+ .
off to Shine's place .
put some new nail colours [bikini pink] (;
slept at her place .
lalala ~ done .

thats all for last nite`
weeeee ~

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

m a k e u p s . ♥

the very basic way to makeup (;
just wanna share how i do my makeups .
its really really basic ,
no eyeshadows and concealer .
just the basics ;D

left-before ; right-after

first, use an eyeliner to draw a line on ur eyelid .
im using Majolica Majorca's Perfect Automatic Liner (BK999)
[liquid eyeliner recommended]

a thin line like this will do (;

open sesame xD
then, get a pencil eyeliner or gel eyeliner .
im using Maybelline's EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner !
i love it ! ;D
but others will do as well (:

it comes with a liner brush, but i lost mine D:

draw a line on the bottom, not the waterline!
i dont really lyk drawing the waterline :s
draw till the centre, dont draw the whole thing 
(looks emo-ish fierce)
畫一半就好了 (:

Maybelline's The Magnum Volum' Express (waterproof)

Rimmel's Sexy Curves Mascara

the Rimmel mascara is my fav, look the shape of the brush!
makes your lashes look volumed and curvy!
(ignore the crazy ass with that ubi she's holding ;P)
use a mascara to 固定 your lashes so dont it wont be messed up when you wanna stick your falsies (:
i use two type of mascaras
but one is great too :D
move ur brush left and right when your brushing ur lashes
it'll make it longer ;9

dont forget to brush your bottom lashes!

falsies timeeee ! 
im using The FaceShop's falsies .
im currently using the net type

tadaaaaaaaa ! ♥ ~
last step ;
C A M W H O R E ;D

c l o s e .
o p e n .

this is how i do my makeup
suuuper simple xD
hope you'll like it
pls share it if you like it
you can ask me any question  
tru the chatbox
i'll try my best to give you the best answers :D
thankew :D

♥ e v e r y b o d y c o u l d b e b e a u t i f u l