Sunday, October 31, 2010

29.10 - heels are sooo not made for walking :S

felt like writing this post in chinese today (;

和蕃薯寶貝去The Mines找工作
i never knew looking for a job was so hard D;
走遍整個mines for like 3-4 times如果我米錯的話
都米找到工 ><
最糟的是我們都穿著高跟鞋 :SS
走到我腳生水泡和脫皮了啦 T^T

呵呵呵 ((x
想到都開心極了 ;DD


我才一下想到他是誰 xPP

照片來看看 (;


習慣就好 ~


orange fizzy ; 還不賴的哦 (;


就飄去leisure mall等那個米有時間觀念的大便
NATHAN LOOH ; 你們懂嗎? 
說7點到,到最後差不多8點才到 ><
他的5分鐘要我們等了45分鐘 D:

吃糖還是吃龜齡膏啊? x)

今天的look;普普通通 (:

c o n c l u s i o n ;


bek cekk =/
wish me luck (:


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

23/10 - simple outing with my Darling ♥

out to Leisure Mall dengan Darling i (;
we watched Reign of Assasins - 劍雨

not bad , we both cry ><
hahaha ~ two crybabies teeheee
dats wat besties do x)

then off to sakae sushi .. again xD

we're both using the same phone (;

my darling babyy 
niceeee ;9

after walkiing around for a while 
we went to boston , yamcha again x)
then off to apple cc
lalala ~ sdo luhhhhh`

after that balik rumah darling i keng sam si xD
heeee ~
gonna meet her this friday .
go pasar malam jalan jalan (:

17/10 - movie with my HunnyRiiko ♥

went to 1utama with my hunny bunny Riiko 
we ave our branch at Sakae Sushi , me likey ;9

after eating , she made me watch Child's Eye with her :S

i really really dont wanna watch ><
im not fond of horror movies D:

but its not that scary after all 
the storyline was kinda lame :/
everybody waanting to watch it is because Rainie is filming a horror movie
first time ever , but trust me .. not really nice ..

after that we spent bout 1 hour+ at the petstore -
the sales assistant was really niceee
he let us carry de pups xD 

baby Rottweiler !

pup Pekingese 

i kinda forgot wat they call it , some squirrel thingy x)

we went to New York New York Deli for tea (;
r e c o m m e n d e d 

Pink Inc.

my hunny 

straight of to BBQ Plaza for dinner .
we ate for freee x)
riiko's cousin is one of the boss of bbq plaza .
dats why we dont ave to pay ;P
[i noe we eat alot , so wat (;]

last shot ]]

*dint took much photos due to my stupid red eye , arghh D:

16/10 - yamcha with DaddyBen and JunLin (;

that night i suddenly ave the urge to eat Snowflakes 

trying to call ben , ask him to come fetch me 
but cant get tru his phone ):
then suddenly he called bak , ask if wanna go shisha 
weeeeeeee ~ just ryt (;
fyi ; i dont shisha . teeheeee ~

he reached my hse bout 10 .
off to Snowflakes :D

hardworking lehh (;

my DaddyBen 

JunLIn :D

after that we went to my place for shisha 
they had the orange+mint flavour 
not too bad haha ~

*pls do not try this at home (;

then they walked me bak to my condo
they actually poured the mineral water from my balcony @@
which is 10th floor high 
JunLin poured the water to Ben's mouthed then he spit it down ._.
g r o s s ! x boleh tahan sama mrk`

but they're the best friends ever ! 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

r a n d o m p o s t =)

特別介紹 ♡

this a really awesome and touching song wrote by a famous blogger
its a very meaningful song 
u'll get addictive to it :p
i listened to it over and over again
and it never gets bored ! xD
de first time i listen to it ,
dere's tears flowing down my cheek naturally 

its a MUST-LISTEN song ! 

skip __ 

im now in a sickest mood ryt now .
fml ..

will update a new post soon (:
remember to listen to de song i recommended above !
its really a w e s o m e ! :D

Sunday, October 10, 2010

SPCA , Animal Craze ! ♥

for those hu dont noe , im a bigggggggg Animal Lover ! xD 
my first post and dis 2nd post is mostly bout my pets *winks*
dont blame !
one of de love of my life _ a n i m a l s 

ever heard of SPCA ?
its an animal shelter =) - click it ! spare a min or two on it wont kill you !

u could adopt at SPCA =)
it doesnt feel good either when ur de one hu is being tested on ryt ?
is de same thing to de animals too !
if you saw/discover any animal cruelty case , you can report at this website too :D
if you really wanna help but some parents forbids to adopt a pet , 
its okae =)
you can b a volunteer and help dem out !

Volunteering @ The Animal Shelter
There are many volunteer duties at the animal shelter - these include the morning sessions of kennel cleaning, helping to prepare and serve meals to the animals, kennel guides (assisting the public when choosing an animal), socializing the animals, and general housekeeping duties. Experienced dog handlers may also assist with walking the dogs, bathing and grooming them.

Volunteer work starts at 9am everyday, up to 4pm. Individuals and smaller groups of up to 5 people can drop by for volunteer work anytime, however we require bigger groups to inform us of their intended visit beforehand (for easier coordination, maximum group size is 15 pax). Please call Ms Chelvy at 42565312/ 42535179 to book your visit, or send us an e-mail at
more details on - 

it doesnt hurt to help (:
animals wanted to be loved too !
and you all ave de abilities to give dem home and love 

ur help is always very very much appreciated (: