Monday, April 18, 2011

kitty cats, doggies and birdss??

yesterday evening when everyone was at the living room, some playing mahjong, some watching tv and some going on fb..
granny's kitty MEOWWWWWW really loud, she's trying to eat the bird from idk where :S
the bird suddenly flew into the living room TWEET TWEET TWEET then the kitty chased it and ran into the living room MEOW MEOW MEOW then my doggie saw the kitty and BARK BARK BARK, sighhhhh D:
the whole hse was so noisy filled with tweet tweet and meow meow and bark bark :/

it was kinda hurt i guess?
thats why my uncle keep her at home first for a few days..
yeshh, that cage was my hamsters cage but they passed away :/
and yesh, thats a chopstick for it to stand XD

my uncle say its a pretty one?
we'll set it free when it recovers (:

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